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Dr. Deepak Balani

Our healthcare professionals have provided very positive feedback of its effectiveness and utility in improving compliance to the hand-washing process in a positive, non-intrusive manner. Based on our review of the HAIgenie demonstration, we are convinced that it substantially reinforces compliance to systematic step-by-step hand-washing and thereby has potential to minimize hospital acquired infections. I believe this has applications far beyond clinical care-areas and may potentially be used wherever hand-washing be required.


Chief of Medical Services, Sakra World Hospitals

Dr. Surendra Sharma

Partnering with Datakalp has been a game-changer for our hospitals. Through cutting-edge image analytics and AI-based devices, we've revolutionized hand hygiene monitoring. The real-time feedback provided by these devices has significantly improved compliance across our sites. The anonymized data insights have allowed us to target specific areas for enhancement, all while serving as an invaluable training tool for our staff. We're thrilled with the results and the ability to ensure the highest standards of hygiene using this groundbreaking technology.


Regional Team Leader, JHPIEGO

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